Created by two Carioca siblings, Juliana and Davi Leal Louback, Project CADET teaches Rio de Janeiro Municipal School students how to code. Juliana and Davi first started coding in college, while attending federal university in Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO and CEFET), but there are benefits to learning how to code a lot earlier, even in grade school.

Unfortunately, most public schools in Brazil do not have the infrastructure or resources for a Computer Science curriculum. By partnering with the UNIRIO Center for Exact Sciences and Technology (UNIRIO-CCET), Project CADET was granted access to a computer lab for the 2022 inaugural edition. With the help of their sisters Natali and Larissa, currently STEM students at UNIRIO, Juliana and Davi put together an introduction to coding course with Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft. The Microsoft MakeCode CS Intro curriculum is accessible and fun, developed by a team of experts in education and tecnology.

The class of 2022 are eleven 4th graders from the Escola Municipal Minas Gerais. The 10-week course is comprised of weekly classes covering the following topics:


Davi, Juliana and the Class of 2022 - 26/08/2022


Date Class
2022-06-03 Introduction To Programming
2022-06-10 Events
2022-06-17 Corpus Christi Holiday
2022-06-24 Coordinates
2022-07-01 Variables
2022-07-08 Winter Break
2022-07-15 Winter Break
2022-07-22 Winter Break
2022-07-29 Variables (Review)
2022-08-05 Iteration
2022-08-12 Contitionals
2022-08-19 Functions and Parameters
2022-08-26 Final Project and graduation

Special Thanks

Prof. Sidney Cunha de Lucena, dean of CCET/UNIRIO and Prof. Gladson Antunes, director of the School of Mathematics, for loaning the computer lab for the duration of the course.

Roberto Barros of NTI UNIRIO for providing IT support.

Prof. Gustavo José Albino de Sousa, Director of Escola Municipal Minas Gerais and Prof. Susy Grossman for promoting Project CADET, selecting candidates for the class of 2022, and ongoing support.

Peter Brasil, Microsoft Senior Program Manager and Renata Ribeiro, Commercial Director at Alert Informática for arranging Minecraft Education Edition software licenses.

Gemini Trust LLC for contributing to the graduation gift bags and enabling Juliana Louback’s participation as program coordinator.